Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aleria's jaunt to Scotland: 12 July 2013 Kiells, Scotland

Brittle stars and high crosses - waiting for the tide to turn has its benefits

Brittle stars brought up with the anchor chain

Lovely clear view of Tayvallich
Hazy morning in Loch Sween
It was a beautiful misty morning in Loch Sween. A raptor circled overhead as we prepared to weigh anchor. In this anchorage, because of all the deciduous trees, we expected and found a very muddy bottom. It took some time to hose down the anchor chain and anchor, which was also covered in brittle stars. We decided to sail down Loch Sween and around the corner toward Loch Craignish, but to stop at Kiells to visit the church there while we awaited the turning of the tide.

Onyx supervising the wildlife
There is quite a current in Jura Sound and we thought it would be prudent not to fight it. That's something that is quite common in Scotland. To pull up anchor, go a short distance, stop for lunch or a visit, then continue on. That's one of the reasons why Scotland is so conducive to chartering.

That turned out to be a great decision. As we anchored off Kiells in a beautiful little bay, children splashed in the waters this sultry day while their mother led their horse into the bay to cool down on this sultry day. Alex and I took the dinghy ashore then walked the short distance to the restored Medieval church.
The pier at Kiells

We were astounded to find a fine collection of ancient carved crosses, grave markers, and tombstones beautifully displayed with excellent descriptions. And there was no one else in sight. It felt rather holy in there. We took lots of photos then returned to Aleria to continue our journey up the next loch to Ardfern.

The church at Kiells; replica high cross at the top right

Grave slabs

Amazing high cross that used to be outside

Lovely walk up and spectacular views over the anchorage

Four crosses well preserved

The church is beautifully rebuilt, the works artfully displayed

A place to sit and contemplate included

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