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Last stop Inishbofin

We'd spent a day at anchor waiting for gale-force winds which we don't think ever actually arrived. The front and low-pressure system tracked a bit farther north and got stuck about 250 miles off Erris Head. There were stronger winds to the north of us and to the south of us. We made the right decision. 
Now the question was, should we move on to Inishbofin. We had little interest in going ashore at Inishmore, but I was concerned about the sea state. I thought it would be churned up and I didn't want to be banged around on our next-to-last leg of the trip. Alex thought it would not be so lumpy. The wind was supposed to be in the range of 15-20 knots from the WSW, which would be pretty good for sailing North with a bit of west. Windguru showed 2-star seas with a short period of 3 stars, so I agreed, but only under jib and jigger. We left under heavy cloud cover, drizzle, and the occasional squall buffeting us with many knots of wind. 
Crossing Galway Bay in the lee of Inis…