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How to negotiate boot Düsseldorf

We've been wanting to go to boot (pronounced bowt) for years now, but somehow never made it until this year. We'd heard it was the biggest boat show in the world. That it covered so many acres that it would take ten years to see it all. That Düsseldorf was an inland industrial city without much to offer. In the past, boot clashed with the London Boat Show, not that we ever attended. But that's now gone forever and everyone that used to go to London came to Düsseldorf instead this year.  Finally, we got there, too. Yes, there were a lot of people, especially on Saturday.

So I'm going to write about our first experience - generally all pleasant - to help first-time goers find their way around. It really pays to have some of the inside story.

First, let me debunk some of the rumours. Yes, it is vast. Yes, it might take a year to see EVERYTHING. But first of all, it's not a boat show. 
Boot is a watersports show. It covers sailboats, powerboats, windsurfing, SUP, diving…