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Oceans on the brink of collapse...need the UN's help urgently.

We could be on the verge of total collapse of ocean life or on the verge of a breakthrough to take the steps necessary to save our oceans before it's too late.

From McCauley DJ et al.
A front page story in the New York Times this week, "Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction," reported on a major study, a review paper for which scientists gathered data from an impressive range of sources. "Marine defaunation: Animal loss in the global ocean,"1, published in the journal Science, presents evidence that our oceans are on the edge of a largely human-caused catastrophic extinction event. But there is also good news in the may not be too late to fix it. These scientists believe the oceans still have the resilience to bounce back if we can provide the needed protection. But we have to act fast because the status quo is a path we now know is likely to lead to mass extinctions