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Voyaging Pets

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The editors of SisterShip held a contest for stories about cruising pets. So naturally I wrote a story about Onyx's ocean crossing. It was one of the stories selected for an anthology they just published called Voyaging with Pets. There are some amazing, highly creative and amusing tales in this delightful book. It's available in eBook format now and soon to be available in paperback.

Farewell to Onyx

Onyx went to sleep and passed to the other side. Her pain is now gone, her frivolity magnified, I expect. Thank you, Killian, for your gentle kindness and generosity.

We buried her on one of her favourite beds - a nautical one that I had made specially for her, with all her favourite toys (squeaky mouse, bitty mouse, crunchy crab, and feather dusters) and favourite treats including shrimp, choicest grass, and fish jerky for the long road.  We covered her with a fleece blanket and one of Alex's dark T-shirts which she always loved to hide in. We laid a rose at her nose as she loved to sniff them and climbed on top of tables to get the best whiff.

RIP Onyx ~8 August 2000-29 September 2014

Onyx was a brave adventurous seafaring cat, crossing oceans to visit new lands, make new friends, and try new things - except when it came to food, as only seafood would do. 
Onyx was a great friend and companion and the ruler of the house and the clan. She loved her humans and they loved her. She will be sorely missed. 
Rest in Peace, Onyx.   

8 August 2000-29 September 2014

Love and hugs forever,
Your People, Daria and Alex

My heart is breaking for Onyx, the Cruising Kitty

Onyx is a very special cat. For one thing, she is all black except for one white hair, which Alex likes to pull out (mean Alex!). That makes her rather difficult to photograph. Of course I have photographed her more than any thing else in my life. You see, Onyx originally came to me in a dream. I sat up in bed one night and shook Alex awake, "Alex, I dreamt we had a cat and she was all black and her name was Onyx."  "Yeah, yeah, go back to sleep," was Alex's response.