Saturday, August 4, 2018

OCC Port Officer Welcome

Yesterday, Alex and I put on our Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer hats to welcome two OCC members visiting our home town Westport by land. Duncan and Ria Briggs, circumnavigators, have sold their boat which they lived on for 12 years and bought a cottage in England. While waiting for their planning permission to come through for modifications to the tiny cottage by the sea they snapped up, they decided to tour Ireland. We don't get many OCC visitors to our neck of the seas, only 6 to date counting the Briggs - 4 by sea.

They took the ferry to Rosslare then drove from Wexford along the southern coast and up the Wild Atlantic Way to Westport. From here they were turning right to cross the country to Dublin and back to Rosslare. They were mightily impressed by our little corner of the world. They thought it was stunningly beautiful and wondered where all the boats are. We told them there aren't that many. You can go for days cruising without seeing another boat. But you won't see a marina either, so self-sufficiency is paramount which is daunting to many. Not to circumnavigators.

And as many British friends ask, they wanted to know about the sentiment towards the British. We explained that there are many British living in Ireland and many Germans, too. In recent years, the negative sentiments have dissipated and everyone has been welcomed because that is the nature of the people.

We shared a lovely and delicious lunch in the outdoor garden at the Quay Cottage in brilliant sunshine, answered as many questions as we could, gave suggestions for places to visit, and told them about the lore of the land, including St. Patrick and the Holy Mountain and  the Pirate Queen Granuaile. We soon said farewell to our new friends. I have no doubt we will see them again.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Chartering in the Med

Alex and I decided that it would be much saner to charter in the places we want to sail in the Med rather than keep our boat there for the short times off season we'd be using her. The Med has been so hot in the summer, crowded and expensive. The fact that Italy is now turning away migrant vessels and grounding rescue vessels is a complication we don't want to have to deal with either.

Lo and behold, we come home and our friend Grant Headifen sends us notice of a new service he has launched. A global database of comparative yacht charter pricing. We trust Grant because we wrote the anchoring course that's part of his accredited sailing certification curriculum on NauticEd. 

Here we go. Thanks Grant. 


Whew - it took a bit of programming but NOW you can go to the NauticEd Sailing Vacations page and do your own search for chartering a sailboat on a vacation.

You can find prices, availability and everything you need to know about the boat. Then, when you like one, just click a button and we will arrange the booking for you. It is that cool and easy! AND you get the same price as if you go direct.

Here below is a search we just did for available boats in Sicily for 2-3 cabin monohulls for the week of September 22, 2018. BTW - we rate Sicily as the number 1 sailing destination on the planet. See our blog article on Sailing in Sicily here