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Glengarriff, the jewel of Bantry Bay

Adrigole was lovely, but Glengarriff at the top end of Bantry Bay beckoned. This is the legendary harbour for cruising in Ireland. It's where the Irish Cruising Club was born and the place that must be checked off the cruising destinations list in Ireland. We were really looking forward to exploring this iconic anchorage. I hoped we would not be disappointed. We sailed past Bere Island, promising to stop in another time.

We weren't disappointed. We had a great stay in Glengarriff. Our first impression was that it was akin to the Adirondack lake region, but full of salt water. It was a rocky inlet lush with forest and spectacular "camps" all around.  With small islets strewn throughout, it was truly reminiscent of a lake rather than a sea loch.

When Customs Calls

Today, for the first time since we sailed to Ireland in 2008, a Customs boat came to visit. Three officers were on board a rib and two let us know they were coming aboard. We welcomed them and offered them some tuna salad as we were just having lunch. They declined.

The most beautiful harbour in the world

Here we are in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world -- at least in Ireland -- Adrigol in Bantry Bay in the west of Ireland, and instead of marveling at the beauty we are fixing things. We cruisers know that cruising is all about fixing things in exotic places. But this time it’s bit different.
We were on our way to Spain yesterday. We had worked our way down the coast of Ireland from Clew Bay our home, stopping in Clare Island, Tralee, and Dingle. We set off from Dingle to cross the Bay of Biscay for a grand adventure.

Last stop, historic Lambertville and New Hope

As Lambertville was only half an hour's drive from the christening party, I booked a room I the Lambertville Station Inn. Lambertville House, where we had stayed before, was booked. It was on the expensive side but it was also July 4th weekend and I had been worried about finding a place to stay at all.

We had a large lovely room on the creek side of the hotel, which is right on the Delaware River and just across the bridge from New Hope. Lambertville is quieter than New Hope, which has many restaurants and bars and shops. We walked across the bridge and found a place to have drinks on a terrace overlooking the river. Martine's was so pleasant that we stayed on for dinner and were not disappointed.

Philadelphia, city of Brotherly Love

The Christening we were in the states for was to be just on the outskirts of Philadelphia, in the Ukrainian Catholic Church I once belonged to. I was born in Philadelphia, but back then it was not a nice place to be. It's very different now. Quite lovely and vibrant. A big city with a small town attitude. We booked a night at the Club Quarters on Chestnut Street and made plans to join our cousins, the Kowals, who live downtown with their two children, for dinner.

Two if by sea...

Our next stop on our eastern seaboard journey after Annapolis was to be Cape May. Rather than travelling around the Delmarva peninsula we decided to take the ferry from Lewes to Cape May. We arrived with a half hour to spare before the next sailing and we hadn't eaten. So we grabbed burgers at the restaurant at the ferry terminal, On the Rocks Bar & Grille. It was surprisingly good and the waitress had a wicked sense of humour. She got us out in plenty of time to catch the ferry.

The sailing capitol

Our next stop in our land journey was to be Annapolis, the Sailing Capitol of the world. When I sailed there I learned that Annapolis is the Capitol of Maryland, hence the Sailing Capitol as a motto. This is as opposed to Newport, the Sailing Capital of the World.

One if by land...

As happens when cruising and living overseas, we don't get to see much of the family often. It takes big occasions to get us across the pond and we had a biggie this year. We traveled to America this time to meet our niece and nephew's new baby and visit their new home in Alexandria, Virginia. We flew into JFK (which is amazingly better now) and drove down to VA, then worked our way back up the coast for the christening in Philadelphia.