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Where to leave your boat in Galicia

In Spain, the winters are wet and wild but not that cold. Technically, it's possible to stay in the water and enjoy sailing through the winter months. Realistically, it can be challenging as the storms can be strong and unpredictable. The Atlantic swell is perhaps the most challenging element for overwintering, so locations with the best protection from the swell are the most attractive. We have spent a couple of winters in Spain and have checked out multiple options. We often get questions from friends about where to go. I thought I'd write down our thoughts for the benefit of those wishing to spend more than a few days or weeks in the Rias.

Voyaging Pets

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The editors of SisterShip held a contest for stories about cruising pets. So naturally I wrote a story about Onyx's ocean crossing. It was one of the stories selected for an anthology they just published called Voyaging with Pets. There are some amazing, highly creative and amusing tales in this delightful book. It's available in eBook format now and soon to be available in paperback.

Sustainability and sailing

I attended a cruising conference organised by Irish Sailing this past weekend. It turned out to be excellent. The lineup of speakers included:

JOMO: joy of missing out

I was reading an article about the hottest trends of the year and I had to smile when I got to this one. JOMO or the joy of missing out is replacing FOMO or the fear of missing out. I'd say that bodes well for sailing. If more people are asking, is there all there is, then more will say, "Let's go see for ourselves." Yes, I think there's a new generation of sailors in the making.

3rd Edition of Happy Hooking now live on amazon!

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White Seahorse Publishing announces the release of the 3rd edition of Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring.
USA and Ireland, 13 February 2019 – White Seahorse Publishing is pleased to announce the third, expanded edition of the best-selling book on boat anchoring, “Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring”. Receiving consistent five-star reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon, the authors and licensed captains, Alex & Daria Blackwell, reworked and updated much of their book. This latest edition includes new gear, new reviews, many new illustrations and much more.
“Anchoring is a subject very close to our hearts,” says Capt. Alex Blackwell. “Not only does confidence in anchoring have important safety implications but sitting in the cockpit on a lovely evening anchored in a spectacularly beautiful location watching the sun set rates up there with the most enjoyable things one can possibly do. We’re always happy …