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Are you a 'Digital Nomad'?

Periodically, a new term crops up in the sailing world. 'Digital nomad' is just such a term. Digital nomads are people who make a living working while travelling, and of course, sailing is the ideal way to become a digital nomad. These people don't wait until they retire. They rewire early and use their acquired skills to work while underway. Not a bad gig.

I know quite a few cruisers who are working from their boats. Many barter traditional skills, like sailmaking and canvas work for anyone with a sewing machine. Some write magazine articles and books or sell their services in website development and systems support.

But there's a new breed out there. Entrepreneurs who do distance consulting, accountants, bankers and others who provide their services to regular people - nonsailors that is. There are so many professions that are not dependant on face-to-face or onsite employment. The work can be done anywhere at any time. Some examples of these kinds of jobs are copyw…