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Northwest Passage 2019

I've been following Randall Reeves' Figure 8 Voyage. He is currently en route from Greenland to the NW Passage. It's a bit late in the season to be attempting the transit but his goal is to complete a circumnavigation of the Americas and Antarctica in one season. He and Moli are pushing to complete their amazing journey. It prompted me to have a look at what he might be facing and who else might be up there.

What I found was at first not encouraging. The July news was that the sea ice had started melting almost a month earlier than it should have. But by August, the Passage was still closed. When Randall discovered an oil leak in his drivetrain, he contacted Viktor Wejer, "I wrote to Victor, lamenting how far behind my original schedule I had fallen and asked for an ice update. 'There is no need to rush, Randall,' he responded. 'Environment Canada isn’t reporting on the central parts of the Arctic yet. Solid ice. You have at least ten days.'"

So …

Aleria's back on her mooring

Our mooring was inspected and reinstalled on Friday and we got up early Saturday to bring her in from the anchorage at Inishturkbeg on the morning Spring high tide. It was cloudy and grey, threatening rain, but held off. It was an easy ride in and easy mooring pick-up despite not having done it for several years.

Our friends, the Meakins, had arrived in Clew Bay last night and anchored off Inishturkbeg as well. They followed us in and tied up alongside Aleria.

Now the unloading will continue in zest. But not before we enjoy the company of our friends who we first met on our Atlantic journey 10 years ago.