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The Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination

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May 07, 2020  · edit
it was amazing Read 2 times. Last read November 7, 2019 to November 8, 2019.
I loved this book. I am a bluewater sailor, and I found his account as a novice taking on the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland refreshing. I know that coast well and always find it mesmerizing, so I found it fascinating that he too saw in it what I know. The magical, mystical majesty of it. I saw it freshly though his fascination.

I found it interesting that Marsden has such a depth of knowledge of Irish history, lore and language. Since I moved to Ireland, I have been learning and sharing the history and lore especially of the islands off the west coast, and this is exactly what Marsden does. He colours in the details with a depth of understanding that a reader needs to experience this place.

The sailing aspect of it should not make anyone shy away as it is not overwhelming in the story. No, the story is one of remembering fondly a…