Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer is back.

Croagh Patrick, the Holy mountain, flanking Clew Bay.

Fall morphs into Indian Summer?

Just as we were making plans for hauling out, the weather turned. Fall morphed into summer once again and this week's blue skies yielded temperatures in the 90s F in the sun and 75F in the shade. That of course makes us want to go sailing. But is the weather god simply taunting us or are we the beneficiaries of climate change for good. Who knows? Who cares?  It's glorious!!!

So who wants to work?  This is the problem I've been dealing with in Ireland. I've always been a proponent that weekends should come when the weather is fine. In Ireland, the winter is dark and bone chilling, perfect weather for working day and night as you cannot tell which is which for much of it.

It's the end of September and the day's are very much shorter than they have been. It's almost like the rule of 12ths with tides, there are times when the transition to darkness seems to accelerate. I am waiting for Christmas because that's when it reverses again. That makes me happy.

The thing about living in Ireland is that there are no two moments that are the same. As a result, your emotions vacillate all over the place all the time. That can lead to great creativity. Or at least spurts of it. When the weather is always fine like it was in the Caribbean for however many months we were there, you get bored. Really bored. Sorry but it's true.

So here's to darkness and  creativity. For "the night is dark and full of terrors."  And just in case climate change is favourable for us, we've decided not to haul Aleria this year. We're taking Aleria to Galway for the winter. She'll not only stay snug in the water, but we'll have our floating condo in one of our favourite places!  LIKE.

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