By Daria Blackwell

Over the years, I have written numerous articles for professional magazines in the pharmaceutical marketing arena and for sailing publications on both sides of the Atlantic. I never thought to keep track of what I wrote until now. It's amazing how things accumulate the older one gets.  I always thought there weren't many photos of me until I collected 'a few' in one place. 'A few' ended up being quite 'a few too many'.  

And so it seems with things I have written. As most writers do, I find myself wondering if anyone has read what I have written. I have received notes from people on occasion thanking me for some bit of experience I shared with someone who learned from it and perhaps was spared the consequences that learning experiences often impart, especially those painful and costly ones. 

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  1. Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way by Daria and Alex Blackwell 2015
  2. Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring. 2nd Edition by Captains Alex and Daria Blackwell 2011
  3. The Naked Truth by Daria Blackwell (a novel coming soon)
  4. The Unwilling Immigrants by Daria Blackwell (a memoir coming soon)


Articles about sailing

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    17. Why it's better for women to take the helm. Part 2. Women and Cruising Blog February 2014
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    44. A Show to Remember. Offshore. March 2005.

    Articles about pharma marketing & leadership

    1. The Adherence Fight: A TKO? Pharmaceutical Executive, Aug 1, 2011 
    2. Personal Exchange, Daria Blackwell, Marketers Exchange, August 2011
    3. A profile of Daria Blackwell: the 2011 HBA STAR Volunteer, HBAdvantage, Summer 2011. 
    4. Emerging Issues in Leadership: The Case for Ethnic Communications. The HBAdvantage Winter 2009.
    5. Living by the Core Principles: A conversation with Ayse Cetinel, Managing Director Janssen-Cilag Turkey by Daria Blackwell HBAdvantage Fall 2009 
    6. How the US Navy is Learning to Retain Its Top Female Officers. The HBADvantage Summer 2009
    7. Lessons from the Corporate World, the HBA, and Sailing Across the Atlantic The HBAdvantage Nov/Dec 2008
    8. Chapter 4: Marketing to Ethnic Groups, in Case Studies in Niche Marketing. HCPro, 09/2008. 
    9. Connecting in an on-demand world. PharmaVoice, April 2008 
    10. Solutions to Bridging the Cross-Cultural Divide, PharmaVoice , September 2006 
    11. Cultural Competence, Medical Marketing & Media, April 2005
    12. Women Physicians: Waiting to Hear from You. Medical Marketing & Media, December 2002
    13. Becoming Woman Wise, Medical Marketing & Media, May 2001.

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