Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way was released this week

We did it!  Elation, exhaustion, amazement.

To hold a book you have written in your own hands, to flip through the pages and see your treasured photos, and to read words that sound too good to be yours, but they can't be anyone else's, is just short of miraculous. I am very pleased with the outcome.

It was a whirlwind couple of weeks. We flew to the States for a wedding one weekend, hosted guests from Germany the next weekend, edited the book in between, then uploaded and went live after the dust settled.

28 Apr  2015  Finished primary edits, uploaded to Create Space and started a Facebook Page
05 May 2015  Received the proof copy - late - did a quick review before heading off to USA
12 May 2015  Started the final edit
19 May 2015  Reworked the back cover design
20 May 2015  Created a new pdf with final edits and uploaded
21 May 2015  Live on Create Space and
22 May 2015  Press release out to media contacts; social media campaign begins
23 May 2015  Editing Kindle edition
24 May 2015  Completed Kindle edition and uploaded
25 May 2015  First interview on radio in Castlebar

We are now contacting booksellers regarding stocking a few copies, planning an official book launch, creating a promotional video, refining our website and promotional messaging, and working with potential partners for distribution assistance.  Every day is an adventure.

So much to do. So little time to go sailing. Sigh.

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