Crookhaven, a true refuge from the storms

We'd spent three nights at anchor in Glengarriff we loved it so much. But it was time to move on despite the misty weather. We thought about Schull but there was a strong gale on the way and Schull could be exposed from the South. Better to head to Crookhaven. Exquisitely sheltered from the south and west and south east, we'd be secure in the spacious anchorage and within reach of O'Sullivan's legendary pub.

Crookhaven was hopping with holiday goers. We dropped anchor outside the very full mooring field and headed ashore. A pint at O'Sullivan's, fresh bread and eggs from their shop, a visit to the art gallery and jewelry stores, and a walk to the Church with stunning view over the harbour, and we were done with Crookhaven.

Curiously, John Preisler, OCC/ICC member and PO for Galway was there awaiting a water pump for his engine. But they had two cars and were traveling to Schull for Calves Week (we think a deliberate take off on Cowes Week although they do have a group of islands called the Calves).

The next day, the wind howled for 24 hours and the gale warning was upgraded to strong gale. We never managed to get ashore. There were breakers rolling down the anchorage but our trusty Ultra held without so much as moving an inch. It's good to be able to sleep at night during a gale.

So two nights at anchor in Crookhaven and a beautiful morning on the third. Time to move on.

PS There is no recycling or trash disposal in Crookhaven. That's a shame. But there is a water hydrant with a tap on the pier.


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