Aleria is put to bed

Benbulben in Sligo

On Tuesday of this week, November 1, Alex and I drove to Killybegs to offload Aleria's sails, cushions and other stuff. We brought a trailer along this time and loaded the car and trailer full. It only took 2.5 hours to drive up ... into blistering sunshine the whole way.  We were very efficient this year and got almost everything done in 2.5 hours.  A quick lunch break on deck, and we were on our way home ... into blistering sunshine the whole way.

It was a beautiful day and we got a good days' work in. Plus the leaves had turned and had not yet fallen, so the foliage was brilliant. Not quite New England but I'll take it. We stopped to take some photos of the pontoon in Sligo for our book. It was the perfect day for it.

See you soon Aleria.

Sligo pontoon

Croagh Patrick... almost home!
Haha, who is that handsome man?
Poster in Westport. 


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