Monday, November 20, 2017

Positive feedback

Today started out with this note from our friends Fred and Chris, who have just bought their dream cruising yacht, a catamaran called Sea Jay. They come from New York but they bought the boat in South Africa, and sailed her first to St. Helena. Not the typical first leg of a cruise. From St. Helena, they sent us this note:

Hi Daria.  Greetings St Helena where we arrived from Cape Town on Saturday.  We are off to Fernando de Naranhas off of Brazil tomorrow.  I thought of you and Alex yesterday because we are living the dream -- as you did.  We might have done it anyway but the example the two of you set helped us see that it was possible, so thanks for that.
Fred and Chris

 Wow. To know you influenced someone's life is a powerful emotion.

Then on our website, we received this note:
Cory N Mendy When we sold everything and purchased our cruising boat, the closest I had ever come to a sailboat was seeing a few mast tops in Daytona when driving over the bridge. 2 years later, we were setting anchor as Irma was about to pass 60nm south of us. Sustained hurricane force winds and gusts 100kn plus for 12 hours, TS conditions for over 24 hours. Boat is fine. 

The techniques in this book, coupled with thoughtful investment in the whole anchoring system have provided many restful nights. Thank you for writing it in a way a neophyte and and an experienced cruiser can understand and learn from. 

Every purchase of a cruising boat should come equipped with the collected works of Nigel Calder, The Pardey's "Storm Tactics", The Boat Galley Cookbook and The Art of Anchoring.
Happy Hooking - The Art of Anchoring. Thank you very much for your thoughtful words!

Commented on by Alex Blackwell4 hrs
Cory N Mendy Well deserved. Anyone can acquire information and knowledge, but the ability to present and teach it to others at such a high level is a rare skill.

Wow, to have two such powerful messages in one day. I feel very blessed to have made a difference in people's lives. Often, we have no idea who we've touched in the course of our lives. Thanks everyone!

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