Christmas at Sea

In 2009, Alex and I set sail from Ireland in early October heading to the Mediterranean to overwinter. When we got to Portugal, someone told us it was going to be very cold there, so we turned right and went to the Caribbean instead.

We stopped in Barbados after crossing the Atlantic and spent Christmas there. We put a tree, complete with lights, on deck and opened presents to Christmas in the Caribbean. I was reminded by Sarah Steenland's Christmas cartoon that Alex wrote a poem with a Christmas wish which we sent out to friends and family via my Blackberry on Christmas Eve. This is it...


"'Twas the night before Christmas and out on our boat, we looked through our spyglass and saw nothing afloat. Stockings we'd found in a locker somewhere, and hung on a bulkhead with duct tape and care. Asleep in our cabin with nary a sound, 'cept the flapping of sails and the waves they did pound, when all of a sudden some bubbling we heard and just then to starboard an island appeared. As the island came closer we grew fretful and shook, 'twas a whale and ten dolphins that we had mistook. The dolphins they shouted with joy and with glee, Merry Christmas to all ye sailors and may God be with thee."

- Alex Blackwell 12/09

Happy Christmas everyone!  Much love, joy and peace to one and all.

Daria & Alex & Onyx

You are invited to view a photo from Daria's photo album: Aleria Southbound: Part II

Message from Daria:
We've downloaded a few photos from our transatlantic. Happy New Year from Grenada in the Lesser Antilles.


Sadly, Onyx is no longer with us, and this year we celebrate back in Ireland with a very small gathering.

Happy Christmas to all!


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