Life underway

Adios Punta Lagoa.
We packed up, put the house in order, got a friend to house sit, voted in the referendum, got a train to a Dublin, spent the night in a hotel watching the results come in full view of hideous posters while waiting to get up at the crack of dawn to get a Ryanair flight to Vigo.

After an aborted landing due to fog and heavy cloud, we made it to Vigo on the second attempt and Punta Lagoa after but not without a hairy ride down the streets with a driver who would not let us tell him where to go.

At least the vote was righteous. So proud of my adopted country.

We worked like dogs from 10 am to 4, opening seacocks, washing the hul,l, scrubbing the decks, and checking new systems. Alex dove to clean the propeller without a wetsuit (which he sore had been onboard). He got quite cold but was successful. Then we motored over to Vigo and tied up at the Real Club Nautico de Vigo, not without drama naturally. The old, "switch to port side to in a hurry".

Hello RCNV. 
Had drinks and dinner ashore with thousands of Galicians flolicking in the glorious Sunday sunshine. Caprinha, yum! Giant Jameson, yum. Tapas, yum. Sleep, double yum.

Had horrible cramps all night long. Sciatica down both legs. Awful. Kept having to get up. Will have to do a test. Vodka - co cramps. No vodka - cramps.

Got up at 930 and went to have a shower. They've changed everything since last year. New docks, giant new slipway, showers at the pool, office where the showers were, reconfigured cafe. I put my purse and clothes in an empty locker and gently closed the door, but not all the way. Came back and it was locked with no key. Oh shit.

Wrapped in a towel to the front desk, explaining with hand signals what happened. Tears ready to drop from my eyes. The lady was so nice. She tracked down a duplicate key and I was saved. Thanks God I had an oversized towel.

The electrician came with Alberto Lagos and they sorted out the last of the new electrics testing. It all worked, yippee. We are now a truly international boat with the ability to handle both 110 and 240. No more step down boxes and jury rig wires everywhere. Better yet, no more leaks in the galley and aft cabin - Alberto fixed it all.

We had dinner shore again, then vodka on the boat. No more cramps. Slept like a baby. In the morning we'd get the canvas up and sail over to Baiona. We are on our way.


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