Boaters make better lovers

Impulse Research Corporation, Los Angeles, USA conducted a survey of nearly 1,100 Americans on-line. The survey queried 542 boat owners and 536 non-boat owners. The survey commissioned by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) finds boat owners report higher levels of satisfaction in marriage and romance than non-boaters. In addition, many key areas of life, including overall well being, friendship, spirituality, health, work, leisure, sleep and finances, are more likely to be rated "excellent" or "very good" by boat owners than by their non-boat-owning counterparts.

That's hardly surprising given the freedom and stress relief being out on the water provides. Being outdoors, getting exercise, spending quality time with loved ones all contribute to the overall feeling of well being. 

What is surprising is that this is not the first study with this finding. The NMMA had published a similar report in 2007.  The Onzin Institute in Amsterdam reported in 2009 that sailors scored highest in a 2,000-person study of environmental effects on virility. In short, the study ostensibly proved that boaters make better lovers. It was widely reported in major boating media, who unfortunately did not notice that it was released on April 1 and that the name of the institute translates loosely into 'nonsense' until SF Gate called the bluff in May. 

Well spoof or no, I agree.  Being a sailor is good for your soul and your spirit, so why not your libido?


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