Small world

I noticed a note in my inbox in Facebook. Then I noticed the inbox next to it that says "Other". I remembered that this is the box where Facebook stows stuff it thinks you don't want to see. I wish Facebook would just stopping trying to think for me. They always get it wrong. In it were multiple messages from friends and one astonishing one.

There was a note dated a month ago from someone we had anchored next to in Scotland this summer. We hadn't really met but had exchanged pleasantries.  Attached were several great photos of the anchorage with our boats in it. I remember this man clearly as his boat was parked next to us and his daughter was rowing her dog ashore by dinghy. She was very industrious. He had also warned us that there was a cruise ship at Iona when we told him we were heading there.

He happened upon our blog by chance and said to himself, "Hey I know that boat!" He decided to get in touch and sent us these photos. What a nice thing to do. Cruisers are like that. Nice people from a very small world. I for one am grateful to be part of this very special community.

Photos by Neil M Cameron, s/v Kalamazoo. Thanks Neil!


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