The most beautiful boats ever built

The J Class hosts arguably the most beautiful yacht design ever. That's why they are still being built. And this year, for the first time ever, 8 of the 9 assembled in Bermuda and 7 were expected to race during the America's Cup challenge. Three of the yachts are the original surviving yachts of 10 built.

© Martinez StudioWhen they approached the start for the first time. Kenny Read was at the helm of Hanuman, one of the newer vintage builds. In this historic America's Cup J Class Regatta in Bermuda, three different crews won races on the opening day. Just one point separated the top two boats, Hanuman and Ranger on seven apiece, with Lionheart poised for three way final day showdown on eight.

The yachts are:
JK3: Shamrock V
JK7: Velsheda
JK4: Endeavour
J5:    Ranger
JK6: Hanuman
JH1: Lionheart
JH2: Rainbow
J8:    Topaz
JS1:  Svea
JH3: Yankee
J9:    J9

In second place in a dramatic, high stakes final race laden with tension off Saint George's island, the Lionheart crew stuck to their goals in the shifty breeze to climb back into contention at the last turn. When Hanuman were dramatically given a penalty for a rules infringement on the approach to the last buoy, the Lionheart crew capitalized, having caught the scent of the overall win that they had worked so hard for over the last three years. With the regatta title in their grasp they passed the leader Topaz down the last leg. Then, with Hanuman astern and Velsheda winning the series' fifth and final race, Lionheart extended their margin to three winning points.
The crew of  Lionheart clinched their trophy for winning the first ever America's Cup J Class Regatta. 'This is the event we have been working towards for two years,' said the owner before going on to pay tribute to how welcoming the Bermudans have been. Velsheda's second win of the regatta, 2, 1 for the day, proved critical, earning them the number 2 position tie break from Hanuman. Velsheda will be 85 years old next year, so this is no small feat. We look forward to more events like this in the future.

Final results after five races, no discard:
1. Lionheart 11pts
2. Velsheda 14pts
3. Hanuman 14pts
4. Ranger 18pts
5. Topaz 21pts
6. Shamrock V 30pts
7. Svea 36pts


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