Lay day in Crookhaven and bike trip to Mizzen Head Signal Station

Ah, that pint of Franciscan Well Rebel Red went down well at O'Sullivan's on the pier. Just one and back to Aleria for dinner. The forecast was for another 24 hours of zero wind (0) so we had a lay day in Crookhaven. Chance to visit the new Marconi museum and signal station!

We got our bikes in the dinghy, assembled them on the pier and got going fairly early out to Mizzen Head. It was a lovely day - sunny, warm, and perfectly still. A bicycle event was on - the WAM fundraiser from Bantry -- heading for Mizzen Head of course. It was 10 km for us, uphill the entire way except for one very short downhill stretch. The support crew kept herding us and offering us water thinking we were part of the event.

The scenery was beautiful, with beaches at every turn. The tourist centre at Mizzen Head was opened in 2011. It told the story of Fastnet Light, held a simulator ship bridge and some old communications equipment, a shop and a restaurant. The sculptor from the Ewe Experience has some very nice artworks installed there. The food was good - chowder and tuna melt.

For €7.50, one can walk out over the new bridge to the old Marconi signal station at Mizzen Head. It is also a museum now with exhibits of how the light keepers and signal men lived out there. A bit creepy with manikins in bed and sitting at breakfast tables, but well done. Work in progress. A bit of a mash up with artists works on display here and there.

The ride back was all downhill (except one short uphill) and a total thrill. The pier at O'Sullivan's was very busy with youth sailing and yachts and all manner of water sport equipment, but we found a couple of seats and ordered a couple of pints. Big dinghy regatta, very happening and excellent people watching.

We picked up a few fresh items at the tiny shop and eventually we got back to Aleria. Two ketches came in from RCYC, one lovely blue one with a white defaced ensign. A quiet, lovely evening aboard and to bed early. Departure at first light.

Moonrise over Crookhaven


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