Collaboration with WindGuru

Our little sailing club in the west of Ireland has to deal with lots of weather. After all, everything that gets cooked up over in the states, crosses the Atlantic and picks up more punch along the way to dump it over here. So last year, when our anemometer was blown away in a storm, literally, we decided to partner with WindGuru to create a weather station that would deliver a community service as well. The result was a new weather station at Mayo Sailing Club with weather cam that now provides a feed to WindGuru for more accurate results on Clew Bay.

It's an example of a collaboration that has wide reaching benefits. With the Wild Atlantic Way bringing in loads of tourists who cycle on the Greenway and kayak, fish and swim in Clew Bay, we're making it safer to understand when to go out and when to hold tight. Way to go MSC! Why not build one into your sailing club plan?


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