Last day before setting sail

Geo, Jacqui, Robert and me aboard Aleria

Yesterday, we scrubbed Aleria clean and gave the teak a good 1-2 hit of cleaner and brightener. She looks spiffy. It was a foggy cool day and truly weird weather for this time of year.

Later we had OCC member Geo of Petit Prince 2 and prospective members Jacqui and Robert of Scilla over for drinks. Geo is a Belgian who lives in France near Grenoble and will be keeping his boat near Marseilles. Jacqui and Robert are Dutch and doing the ARC this year. All super nice people. Geo wants to be Port Officer in Marseilles. I will recommend him.

We walked into town and found yet another good restaurant with different fare. This time a Spanish edition of a Mexican dish, a mini hamburger that was delicious, and Zorza with blue cheese sauce. Yum. Another good Albarino and we were satiated. This part of town was very full of people talking very loudly. It was very lively.

After a good night's sleep, a shower, breakfast and a study of the GRIBS, we decided on another bike sojourn. We would fuel up tomorrow and head out. We'll have light winds over the next four days, mostly from the NE so heading slightly NW should be ok. The other guys heading north appear to have left today.

We rode our bikes out the other way toward the planetarium. The bike path follows the coast all the way around the town. We didn't find the castles, and the planetarium was a nice building but not worth visiting in our estimation. We did find a super beach and a super restaurant on it. It looked like there were film crews preparing to televise some on-water event like stunt windsurfing. We rode our bikes back across town and are now packing up and getting ready for four or five days offshore.

We'll be offline now for the time it takes to cross Biscay. See you on the other side.

PS for some reason this didn't post before we left. So I have published it now but it's a week old. We left last Sunday and took 6 days to cross. Long story, coming soon.

Fog and cold in July!

What is that?




Government building in Maria Pita Square








Popular beach

Across from the beach

Looking out at the Tower of Hercules

The needle

Needle in pool

Alex with bikes

Nice restaurant on the beach

Upscale pricing on dinners - lunch was reasonable

Sardina and Jambon Tostas - delicious

The beach

Cemetery with a view


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