Introduction to cruising the wild west coast of Ireland

Sharing our passion about Ireland.

We had the great opportunity to speak about sailing the west coast of Ireland in London at the Cruising Association House last night. We had a very good crowd of about 56 attendees, all very interested in exploring Ireland.

It's always such a buzz to deliver a presentation to an interested audience and to have them listen and interact. We are passionate about sailing, and especially about sailing in Ireland, and I suppose it shows. We delivered a one hour talk, followed by a 20 minute break for cocktails, then another 30 minutes of talk and questions. We fielded lots of questions; it was great fun to talk about stuff we knew with people who wanted to explore new places.

Alex and I always share our presentations going back and forth between the two of us. It works well and most people don't fall asleep. ;-) We sold a few books, had great laughs over dinner, and were invited to do it again at several venues around the country.

It's fun to know we might be influencing someone else to seek adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way. It will be even more fun to welcome them to our shores when they come. It gets a little lonely out here.

And today we received such a lovely letter of thanks. That makes it all worthwhile.


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