Fog in Galicia

We departed from the Ria de Muros y Noia with the Figaro fleet in the afternoon. The wind died so we motored to Illa Salvora, our favourite island, feeling pity for the poor Solitaire fleet attempting to round Finisterre.

Fast ferry coming mighty close.

Two big ferries and a small go-fast boat at Salvora

Illa Salvora

There were two sloops and a ketch anchored at Salvora and we joined them. Soon the sloops departed and we were left with just the ketch, a Sea Shepherd flag flying on board. It was a beautiful evening. We dined on BBQ ribs and salad. Life was good. We were starting to relax.

We awoke to greyness. Fog enveloped the island anchorage but soon started to lift. There were two huge ferries that had come in practically within inches of our hull, and a fast ferry that threw a huge wake. This was not our cup of tea. So we upped anchor as soon as the fog started to lift. Up went the sails as we made our way toward ALDAN.

But before long, we were overtaken by a fog bank. I hate fog. It was pea soup thick. Radar on, chartplotter fortunately working today, as is AIS. Yesterday it was fluky. Fog horn on. Glasses. All senses on alert. We could hear engines all around but saw nothing. I picked up two ships on radar that passed us within 0.2 mile but we saw nothing.

Lovely evening

Our neighbours for the night

Dolphins in the Ria

Setting sun

Morning fog over Salvora

Pea soup en route to Aldan 

Two boats passing us spotted only by radar 

Nothing to be seen

Sailboat passing by
Mussel farm appearing in the fog

Can barely see it

Two minutes later

Fog bank receding
Mussel rafts seen on radar in Aldan

Fog sticking to the hills.


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