Ye Olde Feckers Society

Founding members of YOFS John, Alex, Sam (not qualified) and Toby

When Hurricane Lorenzo passed through this past October, he made a direct landfall over Clew Bay. The eye passed right over our house. It was blowing pretty hard but not as hard as had been predicted. We had several sailors (Toby, John and Sam) sheltering at our house and we amused ourselves by establishing the Old Feckers Society. YOFS is now officially in service to yachtsmen the world over as they reach the age when everything becomes a struggle. We completed the objectives of YOFS when Toby returned to pick up Truant with two friends from the Lake District, Mike and Richard. Really interesting guys. The harder we laughed, the more seriously we took it. Do you qualify to join?

Ye Olde Feckers Society (YOFS)

A fellowship of grumpy old curmudgeons who suffer from CRS (Can’t Remember Shite) and wallow in self-pity.

The Old Salt Gathering Place

Once weekly meeting when sailors of yesteryear gather to tell tall tales and shake off cobwebs

Secret greeting:  
Hopping dance step on one leg (without falling)

Common practice: 
Drinking themselves under the table so they can spend the rest of the week under the weather.

One foot in the grave

Dyin’ to join

Free to join but an arm and a leg to leave

Members of YOFS, Mike, me, Toby and Richard


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