The sailing capitol

Our next stop in our land journey was to be Annapolis, the Sailing Capitol of the world. When I sailed there I learned that Annapolis is the Capitol of Maryland, hence the Sailing Capitol as a motto. This is as opposed to Newport, the Sailing Capital of the World.

It was to be a short drive from Alexandria to Annapolis so we'd have two nights and two full days to explore. We checked in to the The Flag House Inn where Charlotte and Bill had the Irish flag flying in time for our arrival. They entertained us with stories from their 20 years as innkeepers and gave us welcome suggestions for places to eat and things to do. We were able to check in early and leave the car in the back yard, a blessing as parking in Annapolis is such a challenge.

First up was lunch at Cantler's Crab House. It's not easy to find but well worth the effort. We were shocked at the prices of crabs these days. $90 for a dozen large or jumbo. It used to be $12. We feel blessed for having crab to pick in Ireland for free. For dinner, we had sushi at one of the Japanese restaurants in town. Does it seem like we ate our way through the USA? We did.

The next day, we spent wandering the streets of Annapolis and shopping for trinkets and gifts to bring home. Annapolis is good for that. We followed Charlotte's suggestion and stopped into The Galway Bay pub (of all places) for crab cakes. We also had a half dozen Chincoteague oysters there. Delicious. She was right. Proper crab cakes and a nice local ale.

After a monster gourmet breakfast, we didn't feel much like eating again, so we skipped lunch and opted for drinks on the terrace at Carrol's Creek Cafe overlooking Spa Creek across the bridge in Eastport only to be turned away: "We can't serve drinks without food on the terrace." We were so bummed by the attitude that we left in a complete huff and took a water taxi back. We were welcomed to Pusser's in what used to be the Marriott and had lovely drinks and crab dip instead. Dinner was a complete surprise, tapas style at the bustling Vida Taco Bar. Just order a couple of tacos and some wine and a couple more until you're full. Very entertaining.

Soon we were checking out and on our way to Cape May via the Lewes Ferry.  Two days was plenty in Annapolis this time. I'd forgotten how small it is. I found myself realizing how much I love my home town Westport. Isn't that nice?


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