Movie set

Pyrotechnics simulate boat fire at the fuel dock. Glad we were not downwind.

When we were in Vigo, we were treated to entertainment one day. The RCNV staged a fire aboard a boat at the fuel dock using pyrotechnics. The guys had to escape the fire as the fire brigade arrived to put it out, all while what appeared to be very amateur crew filmed the event. They had to stage several takes.

Fireman spraying the fire as film crew captures the drama.

Fireman jumps aboard the burning ship.

Towing it away.
They tow backwards here using the rib's bow to stop the momentum. 

Then the cleaning women arrived. Haha. Foam retardant. Residue of pyrotechnics. Hystrionics. Hahaha. High entertainment value. Many thanks RCNV.


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