Finally sailing again

We departed Bouzas on an outgoing morning tide just after high water.  We were heading for Ensenada de Barra with just the Yankee and mizzen up. It started as a gentle sail but the breeze kept building and veered to the south, kicking up a swell that would have made Barra uncomfortable.  So we did as cruisers do. We edited our plans and turned toward Ria de Aldan instead.

 The sail was only about an hour but it felt good to be underway again. The chartplotter did a few funny waggles again. I, of course, accused Alex of steering a wayward course. In Aldan, we dropped our new test Knox anchor, and it stuck right easily. Perfectly flat inside and no anchored boats. Amazing. We were on our own here for the first time.

We took to doing small projects. Yesterday was a big project day, with Alex servicing the main head and me doing a mountain of laundry and top up provisioning. Alberto finished his projects yesterday, installing the external display for the inverter, so we could finally leave noisy Bouzas.

It was seriously grey when we arrived with low hanging cloud and chill in the air. Alex noticed that a locker had a lot of debris in it so he emptied it out. I noticed the paint was peeling, so I scraped it down. Naturally, that led to emptying and scraping, then painting the other two lockers as well. It needed to be done, but I hadn't planned on today. Oh well, the sun is out now and it's a good day for drying. We had some old paint and some old foam brushes that disintegrated as I worked. Why does anyone use those anyway? They are awful.

We love swinging at anchor. No more shipbuilding noise, often deafening during the day. No, only the occasional cry of the gull, lapping of waves against the hull and clicking of keyboards. Alex laughed that we might even have to read today. Now that would be such a burden. My job is done. We're not even thinking of going ashore.

Yankee is out. We're sailing!

Yeah, I'm awake. Can I have some tea, pretty please?

Hey, what's going on here?

Crazy pattern on the chartplotter. 

Low lying clouds over Aldan

Our view from the anchorage. Lovely beach.

Sky clearing. 


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