Happy Summer Solstice from the Cies

Islas Cies on the Summer Solstice

We spent just one night in the Ria de Aldan without going ashore. Three other Irish boats, all dark hulled, drop anchor near us, two with children aboard all of whom went ashore for dinner. The boats were Growler and Coirin and the third was Zig-Zag, who we heard hailed on the radio by a passing freighter, "Zig-Zag, Zig-Zag what are your intentions." Peter responded that he would pass behind the freighter. Right answer.

In the morning we motored in light air over to Baiona and got a slip at the MRCYB. They had not responded to email but did accommodate us without a problem. Baiona was nice as always. We got a good slip on the main dock and 25% discount for being OCC members. We visited with Oscar Calero who gave a fabulous new wine to try. It's a Terras Gauda Vineyard vintage and the only wine made entirely from Caino Branco grapes. And we tried a new restaurant that we liked a lot called Fuente de Zeta. Just at the end of the main drag and a bit off the beaten path where all the tourist eateries are.  All locals eating there, plus us. We had razor clams from Aldan and shrimp in garlic sauce. We were stuffed. The wine was a new one we hadn't tried yet and it, too, was good.

We've got two assignments on this trip. Test the new Knox anchor. It stuck and held well in weed and sand in Aldan. The slot between the flukes is supposed to release the substrate more easily than other scoop style anchors. The second job is to review the Eighth Editions of the RCCPF Atlantic Spain and Portugal Guide for the OCC Flying Fish. When you buy the book you get a free download of all the charts for the regions covered in the book. Good deal! It took the length of time it takes to drink an MRCYB cocktail to download all the charts onto my smartphone - more than a GB worth!

After our brief one night stopover in Baiona, we've come to the Cies anchorage overnight. There are quite a few people here on the beach and about 7 boats anchored off the main beach and a couple more off the Ilas de Vino. We watched a boat drag clear across the anchorage with a Delta. We also watched the Damndest method of anchoring. A guy climbed out on the pulpit then dropped the anchor and ran the chain between his legs. Must be the Dutch method. I wonder if it tickled his fancy.

It's a beautiful sunny day, there is little wind and the air is cool while the sun is hot. Lovely day to begin the summer season. Perfect conditions for this slightly exposed anchorage. We'll head ashore as the tourists start heading home by ferry. It's the longest day of the year and we mean to enjoy it.

Chicken on the grill

Gentle sunset

Aleria snug at MRCYB

V&Ts at MRCYB while charts download for the new RCCPF app

OCC burgee spotted at MRCYB

New Knox anchor ready for testing

Baiona restaurant street

Wine we tasted

Great spot 
Approaching the Cies

The Dutch method of anchoring.


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