An official visit

Customs boat approaching
We were anchored alone in Salvora last evening. The other two boats had departed a short while before. When suddenly, the Customs boat made a bee line to Aleria. They pulled alongside and asked to board. We quickly deployed fenders and two men hopped across. Pretty good as it was blowing about 20-25 at the time, and kicking up quite a chop.

They sat in the cockpit and asked for the table to be put up. They asked for our papers which Alex got out of the dutiful green brief case. They wrote everything down, asked where we had come from and where we were going and then chatted us up. They liked the boat and wanted to know where we usually keep her. We told her we'd been in Galicia overwinter, had sailed down to the Algarve but returned to Galicia because it's cooler than the Algarve and better weather than Ireland. They laughed, thanked us for our time, apologized for interrupting us and went on their way.

They were very impressive in boat handling and seamanship. And they could not have been nicer. Just wanted the paperwork. Gave us a blue copy and told us to show it if another Customs agent showed up. But they warned us that Customs in other Rias may still wish to board. No problem.

Getting ready for the jump

Customs departing

The fort museum

The landing beach

Sunset beginning to take shape

Lovely sunset

Tourists in the morning

Rocks off Salvora

Purse seiners all around

The two ICC boats that left

Before sunset

After sunset

Long after sunset


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