Out to anchor

Fishermen off Barra

Enough of marinas. Our next few days are meant to be swinging on a hook. On our way out, we buzzed by the Ilhas de Cies and saw Celtic Spirit anchored there. Michael hailed us on the radio and Alex chatted for a while. They were on their way to Porto in Portugal and would be back in September. We vowed to meet up then.

We anchored first in Ensenada de Barra and had a lovely evening aboard watching fishermen lay their nets. It's hard work for little return. It was a relief to be cool again rather than roasting hot.

As we pulled up anchor in the morning, Maggie came in an anchored near shore. Dog walking is a big consideration when cruising with a furry friend. And as we headed out, Papagayo was on its way in. Peter Hayden was heading south as we were heading north. Oh well. We continued on to Ria de Aldan where we spotted Orchestra. They puled anchor shortly after we dropped.

We are chillin' now awaiting the reopening of shoppes ashore. They all close between 2 and 5. We'd forgotten to buy eggs and need fresh bread so shore leave is indicated.

We've bought our tickets for a return flight to Ireland. We have a week left to potter around. It's nice to know where we want to spend some time and where we can pass by. It looks like there isn't going to be much wind for another week. Luckily distances around here are fairly short. It's not arduous to go from one place to another.

We're now talking about touring the north coast of Spain and on into Brittany before heading home. It sounds like a good way to get across Biscay. The circuitous route along another Celtic stronghold. I could live with that. We'll see. That's a long time away. For now we'll swing away.


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